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From our family to yours

Anthony (Tony) Snell left school at 14 and started working with W H Smith. Other than a few years of National Service, he dedicated his life to the company. By 29 he managed most branches in Wales, and travelled by newspaper trains because he didn’t have a car.

In 1960, he arrived in Penarth, with the aim to build his own business from the ground up. He became the first tenant in a new row of shops on the town’s Stanwell Road, as you can see above.

Honesty was key to Tony. He once short-changed a customer to the total of two shillings, and he drove to their house to return the money and set the record straight.

Sixty years later, Tony’s son Richard now runs A B Snell with the same ideals as his father: family, local and honest.

Quality products and excellent service

Proudly serving the community for over sixty years, offering quality products and excellent service.

The 2020 pandemic has brought the importance of a local convenience store to the fore. We’re always here for Penarth residents, and now with our new website we can help residents in many more ways.

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